We believe that you are a very busy person. Work, home, school, traffic, meetings, a bunch of everything at once. But we don't believe in the phrase "I don't have time." We are sure that even in the tightest schedule, you can find 20 minutes to train.

To keep up with everything, you need effective time management. Plan your day with proper sleep, nutrition, and exercise in mind. It doesn't have to be an hour in the gym, even 10-15 minutes of intense physical activity a day will have a positive effect on the health and emotional state of the body.

Hang the schedule in plain sight so that you can't "forget" about training. In addition, it is known that what is written will have more power than just a thought in your head. When making plans, set the right priorities. Think about what is more important for you: scroll through the 20-minute social media feed or spend this time on sports. review the list of your daily activities and responsibilities, perhaps you should exclude something from it and free up the timeslot for yourself.

If all these sets of exercises, simulators, jogging seem boring to you, choose activities that bring pleasure. It is much easier to find time for something that you really like, and not force yourself.

Come up with a system of rewards and bonuses that will motivate you to train. If you really can't allocate even a little time for sports, you can simply add more activity to your planned tasks. If cleaning is on the agenda, do it at an intense pace — so you will stretch your body, and you will cope faster. Have you planned a meeting with your friends? Spend this time actively: play outdoor games, ride bicycles, go for a walk. There are actually a lot of options. If you want to watch an episode of your favorite TV series or movie, combine the pleasant with the useful and do it not just lying on the couch, but doing exercises.

Wake up a little earlier. Do morning exercises or walk a few stops to work instead of using public transport. So from the very beginning you will be able to positively tune in to the day and enter the active rhythm of life.